Pep Talk Dance Party: Winning Feeling

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This past Friday night I was driving home from work bumping B.Reith’s newest album and a song called “Winning Feeling” played. The lyrics got me hype. So hype that I got home at 1am then stayed up until my body would let me no more, recording and editing this video until 5:30am.

Two days later at church my pastor ended up starting a series called “Overcomers” which is basically challenging us with this same idea of acting like the overcomers God says we are!

Anyway, enough of my typed words, here goes the video which is probably much more interesting then all I’m saying right now, blah blah blah, enjoy and dance along if you want!

  • Omara
    January 15, 2017

    This was surely meant for my ears to hear at such a time as this one. I really appreciate that you took the time to make this video! I’m going through a battle right now, and lately have been overcome with feeling like I should justy accept whats happening. Im so encouraged now!

  • Ann
    November 1, 2016

    Thank you for really being easy to understand and encouraging. Your disposition is inviting.

  • Ruth Jeremiah
    October 5, 2016

    Great song! B Reith always coming with the catchy melodies and lyrics. Also a great reminder that we are overcomers and we need to walk in that!

    • Kandis
      October 5, 2016

      Yes! Then I got to church Sunday, heard the sermon and was like “Yep! Tis the overcoming season!” :) His new EP is out this month and has that song on there.