Today We Get A New President

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I got the idea to write a fictional poetic dialogue between a mother and her young son regarding today’s election. This was a new style of writing for me, but I hope you enjoy and consider how you can engage your own kids, nieces, and nephews in a discussion about our world. Check it out below!

Hey Mama,
Did you hear?
We’re getting a new President today.
I don’t really know what that means other than I’ll be hearing their name on the news everyday.
Will they look out for me?
Will they make America safe?
Or will my life be harder because of the choices they make?
Hey Mama,
Did you hear?
We’re getting a new President today.
I heard someone say if it’s a man we’ll be ok.
Women are too emotional and they don’t always know what to say.
What do you think Mama?
I think you’ve raised me pretty well.
I’ve never heard you say a word I shouldn’t hear or tell.
Hey Mama, what do you think?
You never say which one is best for me?
Do you think it matters? Are you even thinking of me?
Are you gonna vote today Mama?
Who are you gonna pick?
They say that man that’s in the race is smart and pretty rich.
You think he’ll help us get some food and help us pay our rent?
I know it’s hard with you working all day.
All these bills and rent to pay.
Maybe this man will think of us when he’s writing all those checks!
Just until I’m old enough to work and pay him back.
What do you think Mama?
You think this one is it?
Today we get a new President.
Mama, who are you gonna pick?

Sweet son, my son,
I know that you’re concerned.
But mama’s never taken wages that she didn’t earn.
It’s not the President’s duty or job to sit and pay our rent.
I count the cost and way our needs for every dollar spent.
You may not have the latest clothes and gadgets, but have you missed a meal?
And when you sleep and it rains outside, a drop do you ever feel?
Sweet son, my son,
I know that you’re concerned.
We’re getting a new President today but this is what I’ve learned.
The President will come and go and change and turn and flip, but there’s a greater source than them who never sleeps or trips.
You see the systems of this world are here and then they’re gone.
They aren’t secure and while they help sometimes they still cannot fund
All the needs and lacks and pains and ills that people feel
You see my son, I hear your questions but truth we cannot tell.
I did my best to pick the one who would help you best my son
And not just you but all the sons, even the ones unborn
But sometimes things that seem so clear, really aren’t black and white
See I could think that this one’s good and they end up causing strife
I could feel guilt. I could feel pain because I chose the one
Who got in the race, ran the race, and even somehow won
Then got into office and did some things they said the never would
But one thing I’ve learned is everyone changes and sometimes they even should
Whatever the case, just rest and know that you will be ok
You’ll learn, I hope, to place your trust in things that never change
Look up, look high, look wide, look far and even look to me
Whoever becomes the next President it doesn’t matter you see
Because I know the King of the President and that’s who we can trust
His kingdom never fades or crumbles and never turns to rust
Sweet son, my son
I know that you’re concerned
Whoever becomes the President today, I hope that you will learn
No matter if they get things right or make things worse each term
Our lives are safe and we’re secure even if this whole world burns
We trust Our God
We trust Our King
With haste and no delay
I know we’re getting a new President today but son what do you say?
You can vote and make your decision right here, yes, even at your age
To place your hope in the King of the President who will forever reign
My Son, sweet son, would you like to make Jesus your choice today?

  • Darlene
    April 6, 2017

    Love your writing, curiosity and style. Congrats to Mr and Mrs. Reese! Prayers sent high for both of you always.

  • Juanita Mason
    March 9, 2017

    Dear Kandis i still have a picture of you when you were a baby at a picnic in Champaign , ILL . It seems like you are walking in your moms foot steps. I know you do not know me but your mom and dad does. Keep up the good work and give my best to your mom and dad.
    Missionary Juanita Mason.

  • Monica
    November 9, 2016

    Beautiful Kandis!

    • Crystal
      March 7, 2017

      Very well said!!!