To My Good Peeps…join me!

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I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from my previous blog..some good…some way off…some just comical. But nonetheless, it was all said out of love and sincerity so I thank you all for your comments, emails, and phone calls. That was definitely not the response I was expecting but it’s good to know who’s in your corner, ya know?

So since that post, many many many things have happened. I don’t feel like typing them all here, but do know that I’m growing and learning more and more everyday. God (and I can say God without a doubt) has put some new people in my life that I know are going to help Him get me where He wants me to be.

Bear with me guys as I embark upon this new journey. Pray that I will receive all that He has for me and that I will grow to know Him for myself. So that He’s no longer the God of my parents, the God of my peers, the God of my church, or the God of the Bible, but that He’s my God. My Friend. My Personal Jesus (as Tonex once put it lol). But 4real..its very necessary to have a personal relationship with Him.

For so long I’ve gone through the motions and honestly thought I was straight and God was pleased. It wasn’t until recently (when I posted that last blog) that I realized I didn’t KNOW God like I thought I did. Ever heard of a form of godliness? It’s like going through the rituals, living the life and all without the relationship. Pretty pointless.

Yeah, so, I jus wanna encourage you all to examine yourselves. Make sure you really have a relationship with THE One & Only. Even if you “go to church every week,” “serve on three ministry committees,” or even serve as “the pastor’s armor bearer”…it doesn’t matter…all of that is meaningless if you don’t know God.

So…Join me in the Journey to Jesus….if you aren’t there already..It’s never too late. And trust it doesn’t matter who you are. Here I am…the “pastor’s daughter”…sittin up in the shepherd’s house my whole life and even I have to take this journey. No one is exempt. You must develop a PERSONAL (that means totally yours) relationship w/ God, no one can do it for you.

Ok. That’s it. Peace!

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