The Curse of Knowledge

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I’m getting ready to launch a business I’ve been thinking, planning, mulling and working on for 3 years now. I’m a little afraid to introduce it to the public, but hey! What have I to loose? So on March 1st, go to to check out my baby!

Anyway, over the years, I’ve been reading different business/marketing/idea books…you know, so I’ll at least feel like I know a little something about creating and running a start-up!

Right now I’m tackling a hefty 459 pager! It’s called Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide to Outsmarting, Outmanaging, and Outmarketing Your Competition by Guy Kawasaki.

As I read page 131-132 at 2:45am, I came across these two sentences that stopped me dead in my thoughts. I’d been reading for well over 2 hours, all the while determining what info I could apply and what I should ditch as it relates to my business.  But when I read these two sentences, everything shifted. All I could think was “Wow! This is the problem with many believers!”

So what were the sentences that stopped me dead in my thoughts? Didn’t know you’d care! J

“Lots of research in economics and psychology shows that when we know something, it becomes hard for us to imagine not knowing it. As a result, we become lousy communicators.”

No need in explaining my thoughts & making this post all long. We can discuss it in the comments if you’d like. I’ll just ask this question:

If you had to explain Jesus to a person who’d never even heard of God, what would you say?

Feel free to share your thoughts!

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