Thankful for Where I Am…

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Thankful 4 where I am, but looking forward to where I’m going. I realize that I am in a place where many people wish to be & I haven’t been as thankful for the blessings as I should have. Just learning that God is in the small things like ice cream as well as the big things like healing the sick…trying to be more grateful and appreciative for the EvEryTHingS in life…

I am growing up guys (tear)! and I’m learning soo much about life as the days go by. I’ve recently discovered a few things and I would like to share some of them with you…I know, I’m always trying to enlighten someone about something…Here they be:

1. It’s okay to be a loner just as long as you aren’t an island

2. Many of your real friends won’t be made known until after college is over…you think you know these people, but the truth comes out after graduation…who’ll be calling you then huh?

3. It’s always okay to go against the grain as long as you’re true to you

4. Enjoy EVERY season…you’ll probably miss it once it’s gone, even if you hate it now (if you can’t say amen, just say ouch!…OUCH!!)

5. Share yourself…the best way to influence/change the world is to lend yourself to others…but at the same time know when to say “no” & dont let yourself get played/used

Those are just a few of my most recent discoveries…hope it gave someone a new outlook on something.

Peace unto all.

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