Serving is for Suckers…World Changers STAND UP!!

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The Story
I’ve always been a person with big ideas. It wasn’t until visiting South Africa & reading Israel Houghton’s book, “A Deeper Level,” that my vision went global.My mother and I went out to lunch two weeks ago and we got to talking about life.
She asked, “Kandis, what is it exactly that you want to do?”

I gave her the rundown of ALL the things that I desire to do and change in the world, I ended my list saying “I have NO CLUE how this is all going to happen, but I believe somehow it will. I don’t even know where or how to start.”

My mom replies “Well, there are 3 ways to know if what you’re doing is of God…” (Okay. So I don’t remember all 3, but! I do remember the one that stuck w/ me the most! Back to the story…) “If the vision is bigger then you and you know that in and of yourself, you are unable to accomplish it.”

One week later we had a guest artist at our church, after church, we all went out to eat and started talking about God & His Greatness and life changing books (i know, a lil random). The artist recommended “Dreaming With God” by Bill Johnson along with a host of others, but this one in particular stuck out more then the rest to me.

That night as soon as I got home (@ 1am!) I ordered the book. A few days later it was in my possession & since, I’ve been reading it every moment I can!

Here Comes the Passion…

I literally want to CRY when I think about the state of the world and the terrible job that Christians are doing to change and effect our communities, culture & world as a whole. It makes absolutely NO sense to me that EVERYTHING destructive seems to be infultrating the ENTIRE WORLD yet the people of God stay in their “Christian bubbles” letting destruction, lies, and everything counter-Christ rule 4 NO REASON!!!

It’s sad and ridiculous that there are usually multiple radio stations in one city devoted to playing the same genres of music (R&B & hip hop) & yet NOT ONE FM-gospel station is on the air (that’s not every city, but it is that way for many!)

It’s unacceptable that I go to South Africa and the people have Beyonce, Kelly & Michelle’s names graffited on buildings. And in this same country, you go into the music stores (mom n’ pop & major ones) and you discover every hip hop/R&B album in America you can think of are in stock & yet the Gospel section is more pitiful then the one @ Wal-Mart. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF (then I’m done w/ S. Africa) you turn on their music video programs and you see 50cent, Jay-Z, a local Reggae artist, and an African hip hop artist IMITATING typical urban-American Culture.And just think, I have yet to visit and asses the state of other parts of the world!

I find it straight pitiful when the things w/ God’s name on it (concerts, events, albums, flyers, websites, etc.) are not up to par in visual and aesthetic quality, as it’s secular counterparts. How can you expect to reach those being influenced by BET, MTV, VH1, etc. if you’re stuff looks like your grandma did it on Microsoft Word? Or it looks like you borrowed your little sisters Barbie camcorder to record/produce a show & then edited it by pressing play & pause on the VCR while recording it to VHS! (don’t act like ya’ll don’t know what I’m talkin’ about!). I feel the same way about audio recording, mixing, production, & mastering quality as well.

How sad it is that we sit idly by and LET & ALLOW this CRAP to continue!?!?

So Bring it All Home, Kandis!

All I’m saying is that Believers have a job to do. We have to co-labor with Christ and move past the servant mentality.


Because the servant mentality hinders our abilities & influence

The servant mentality says, “God, I am nothing. You are everything. Whatever you tell me to do, I will do.” And yes, God should receive ALL the Glory; and yes, it’s not about us; and yes, we are called to serve! But! We have taken submission & servanthood to the point where we no longer exercise the freedom that God has given us! We have dumbed ourselves down to the point where we are no longer dreaming!! When?

NOW!We are simply sitting, waiting for a word or waiting for God to give us the play-by-play before we take the next step. Could it be though, that God is waiting on our dreams and desires?

Let’s Get to Work!

There are Seven Major Realms of Influence in Society that shape the way we live & think. These mountains of influence MUST be invaded by Kingdom-oriented people for the transformation of society to take place. The Seven Mind-Molders of Society are:1. Home
2. Church
3. Education
4. Media (Electronic & Print)
5. Government & Politics
6. Performing Arts (including Entertainment & Sports)
7. Commerce (including Science & Technology)

Where do you fit in?

I leave you with this quote.. from the book you should go & order TODAY (Dreaming w/ God)

“The main purpose of this book is to teach and encourage believers to live from the desires that are born in them through their intimate fellowship with the Lord. Many believers discount their desires, automatically trying to get rid of everything they want in order to prove their surrender to God. Their selfless approach overshoots the will of God and actually denies the fact that God is the Father of the dreams and abilities within them.

If we never become people of desire, we will never accurately and effectively represent Christ on the earth.”

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