Sensitivity Is Not For Punks

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The closer I get to Jesus, the more sensitive I become.

Things that have never bothered me or that I discounted as “meaningless entertainment,” seem to no longer sit well with me. And problems/issues I used to overlook or have no compassion for are becoming concerns.

This sensitivity issue makes me think about the story of the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5. Most preachers talk about this story from the perspective of the woman, but tonight, I’m understanding Jesus’ position a bit more.

In verse 24 it says a large crowd pressed around Jesus as He was walking. In verse 27, a woman touches His cloak. Not even His body! In verses 30-31, Jesus noticed that someone touched Him. His disciples were like “How in the world can you ask who touched you with ALL these people crowding up on you?!”

Jesus was so sensitive to what was happening around Him, that He was able to feel when a person with a need touched His cloak!


My prayer for me & every believer is that God will continue to change our hearts, minds and thoughts to be more sensitive and in-tune to Him and the things happening around us.

What changes have you noticed in yourself, the more you get to know Jesus?

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