Resting In Him

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I ran across this blog post while looking for a file on an old hard drive. Somehow it didn’t make it to this site when I did the update. Anywho, I hope you find it to be encouraging!


April 28, 2010

I don’t really know where this post is going to end, but I know I have a lot of random things to say. Who knows, it may end cohesively…we’ll see!

Sometimes, I think about life and get overwhelmed. Today, in particular, it started off with me thinking about some of the things I know God wants me to do in life. Some of it, I’m like “cool, it’s the LEAST I could do for you Lord!”—We’ll call these the “Easies” And others I’m like, “What?” “How?” and “Why me?”—Let’s call these the “Crazies.”

So the “Crazies” began to take over my brain today and I realized (once again) how desperately I need God today (to handle the thoughts), tomorrow (to guide me towards what He’s calling me to do), and the day after tomorrow (to tell me what to do again). I need this process to repeat NON-STOP! Yep! Even down the line, when it seems I’ve attained the promised “prize” for which I’m pressing, I’ll STILL need God because once I get “it,” I need Him to then tell me how to maintain it, expand it, give Him 100% of the glory from it. You see? I’m pretty much a hopeless, useless, wreck without this God of mine.

Back to today…I’m sitting, reading, thinking, researching and then, it happens…the “Crazies” take over my brain! I begin to freak out a lil bit, so to calm myself, I turn on my “Peace Mix.” These are songs that ALWAYS bring life back into perspective for me and help me calm down when I begin to see things with my own eyes.

Just in case you’re wondering, my “Peace Mix” songs are:
1.    “Hide Me” by Kirk Franklin
2.    “I Am” by CeCe Winans
3.    “You Are For Me” by Kari Jobe
4.    “Resting Place” by Deitrick Haddon ****My absolute FAV song****
5.    “Rest in You” by Hillsong
6.    “Yahweh” by Tal & Acacia
7.    “Awesome God” by Hillsong

I like to listen to these songs, pretty much in this very order because typically these are the thoughts I go through. I start off asking God to “Hide Me” because I’m feeling overwhelmed or incapable. He reminds me that He is “I Am” and I need nothing apart from Him. He reminds me that “[He] is For Me” and that He loves me and sees me and will never forsake me in my weakness. I then feel at rest with him and just want to lay in His arms and spend time with “Yahweh.” And at the end of it all I realize that He’s the all powerful and wise, “Awesome God.”

Yeah, it’s quite a process, but He ALWAYS comes to my rescue, every time!

Question for you: Have you given God a complete, total, whatever-you-say-goes, “Yes” to His will for your life yet?

If you haven’t, you should! Lol Yep! It’s that simple. (I learned this the LONG, hard way…I didn’t say, “Yes” in a day, but I should have.)

If you have given God that complete “Yes”, you have probably experienced the feelings I often feel, time and time again of being inadequate, and lacking the knowledge, know-how, and necessary skills/qualities to pull off God’s Big Idea.

As I stated when I first began this blog, I don’t know how this is going to end, but I do want to wrap this up here. Soooo what do I say in conclusion?!?!?! Hmm….

Well, the only thing coming to me is that God is THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Psalm 100 reminds me of His greatness and of some promises He’s given us that should always give us peace and rest in Him. So here are some of my favorite parts of Psalm 100:

“Know that the Lord is God” —and we’re not.

“It is he who made us, and we are his” —truth is, we don’t know much about ourselves, we didn’t even make ourselves!

“We are his people, the sheep of his pasture” —he’s our shepherd, keeper, our provider, and giver of all we need

“For the Lord is good” —isn’t He?

“and his love endures forever” —it never ends!

“his faithfulness continues through all generations” —the promises He made to Moses, Joshua, the Israelites, Nehemiah, David, Paul, the Disciples….EVERY single one of those promises STILL stands true for us to this day! And on top of that, He’s never gonna leave us, no matter how unfaithful we are!

I can’t help but love this amazing God!

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