Overcoming Overwhelmed: Two Unexpected Ways to Get Through Crazy Busy Times

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On Sunday I was so overwhelmed I decided to
publicly pep talk myself into not being overwhelmed by posting about it on Instagram.IGpost

On Monday I found myself majorly overwhelmed.

Tuesday? Still overwhelmed.

And Wednesday…absolutely still overwhelmed.

By Thursday, I felt a bit of relief until I remembered what the next week was bringing my way…which sent me back to where I was on Sunday—trying to pep talk myself back into the ring for the fast approaching, next round.

The details, scale, and scope of everything I had to sort through, accomplish and oversee this week would take too long to explain so I’ll just share the two things that concerned me the most:

#1 Rewrite the Story

Rewrite the Story was a special program we did highlighting Bishop T.D. Jakes’s Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative (T.O.R.I.). This program is phenomenal and we did a special matching challenge, asking our viewers to partner with us in support of T.O.R.I. and all they’re doing to help ex-offenders re-enter society in a productive way.

The pressure was great and it was my job to figure out just about every aspect of how to convey what we wanted to accomplish with this special show. The name of the special, the logo, the set, the flow of the show, the support videos, the open, prepping guests, conference calls, emails…everything pertaining to this program, I had to oversee.

Now, that is a lot to manage, but that wasn’t what concerned me the most.

At the end of last week, we had a plan working. As the plan was moving along, I wasn’t internally at peace about it all.

So the day before the special, I shared where we were with a co-worker friend and she did what I would have never done to myself…she challenged me to change it. And by change it…I mean change it all!

The logo, graphics, and set completely changed the day before.

Uh yeah. Crazy.
And although it took a lot to change everything, I’m so very glad we did and I’m so thankful my friend pushed me beyond what I felt me and the team could handle because every change was absolutely worth it.

The program turned out amazing! In fact, I could not believe how great it went, especially with me in charge! I’m just a baby producer trying to learn here! God is amazing and I absolutely love being on His team.

Check out this 2-minute recap to get a snapshot view of how it all turned out:

#2 Speaking

My second biggest concern of the week was speaking to a youth group at a church here in Dallas.

It’s been about 4 months since I last spoke and I honestly felt a bit rusty. Not only was I feeling rusty, but I also had no clue what I was supposed to talk about to these students plus I had a ton of other stuff I had to get done for work, which resulted in me needing to work late.

Wednesday morning came.

I woke up and heard the Lord say, “Be vigilant and alert.”

I asked Him was He telling me this for me to wake up and go to work? Or did this have a point?

He repeated it.

“Be vigilant and alert.”

Which led me to look up the scripture.

For the next 10 minutes I read my Bible and prayed asking the Lord what He specifically wanted me to share that evening since I literally had nothing.

By this time, I was overdue on getting dressed and needed to hurry up and get to work.

I got to work and literally had two scriptures for that evening. Two. No points, no stories, but two scriptures and one idea for a possible video that could play.

With a full workday in front of me, how in the world was I going to get this message fully developed?

It was impossible.

Annnnnd I didn’t.

I threw together a 50sec video clip I ripped from YouTube. Sent it over to the church right before I left work and prayed my whole drive.

I pulled up to the church, looked back at my 3 lines of notes and prayed one more time.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetOne more scripture came to me! Yes!

“Alright Holy Spirit! I’m going to really need you to guide me while up there cause these underdeveloped notes won’t get me far at all.”
And that He did.

After sharing with the students for a bit, I felt led to pray for a few specific areas. And so we prayed for those who felt unimportant or forgotten, to feel loved—for those who were afraid or unsure about their futures, to feel peace—and for those who needed a miracle that was beyond their own power and abilities, to feel and see the tangible power of God move in their situation.

I’m honestly not sure I deserved God’s grace that night, but I’m so thankful He gave it and showed up anyway to meet the needs of His kids.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Bits of Sunshine

So I got through the week and in the midst of it all, had two of the sweetest surprises.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe first came from my friend Rachel, who decided to treat me and 4 other girls at the office to an “Emergency Sister Brunch” in the middle of the day on Wednesday. Of course I tried to get it rescheduled to Friday, but she insisted it be Wednesday and so it was and now I’m glad she didn’t listen to me.

It was just what each of us needed in the midst of our crazy schedules and responsibilities. For that brief time in the middle of our madness, we got to laugh, catch up on each other’s lives, and share our prayer requests. It was a literal recharge for each of us and it was the sweetest time.

The second surprise came from my dear friend and co-worker, Emonne who I call my warrior sister. Emonne and I are prayer partners so she pretty much knows all my concerns, fears, worries and what not from week-to-week. This girl comes into my office at the end of the day with the cutest gift and most sweet card of encouragement.Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

It was literally what I needed at the exact right time because I was moving on to my next overwhelming week of duties that pick back up on Monday. I didn’t take a moment to celebrate this week’s accomplishments and reflect on God’s faithfulness throughout the week.

So! I want to do for you what Emonne and Rachel did for me this week.

I want to challenge you to first…

Stop and Breathe

Take a moment to do something you think would be an absolute waste of time given your current load. Call a friend to catch up, go to coffee with a buddy, read a book for fun…just stop in the middle of your duties and take an hour or two to do something totally unrelated to your current responsibilities; something that you would find fulfilling.

Secondly, I want you to…

Reflect and Celebrate

What is something that you’ve accomplished already or that you’ve now seen through to completion? Maybe you finished the outline for a paper you have to write next week. Or maybe you bought groceries for the meal you’re going to cook on Sunday.IMG_1530

What small victories can you take a moment to celebrate right now?

Enjoy that moment of celebration. Then be encouraged. You’re going to finish the goal well. And you’re probably already halfway there!

Rest in our Father’s faithfulness to see you through. Just like He did for me this week, I know He will absolutely do the same for you!

The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.

–1 Thessalonians 5:24


You can watch the full program of Rewrite the Story by clicking the pic below:


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  • Aletha
    April 25, 2015

    Thank you for sharing this, Kandis! Rewrite the Story looks like it turned out amazing…all praises to God for the wonderful way in which He causes everything to work together!