My Summer in Retrospect

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WOW!! This summer has officially come and gone…It all started the first week of May and here I am, 2 days away from heading back to Hampton for my SENIOR YEAR!!! OMG! It’s crazy sayin it, “I’m a senior in college”…Anyway, this summer has been one of the best I’ve ever had.

I got to travel out the country for the first time (even tho the island was weak, I still had a blast!!), I developed some great relationships (Jana, Grant, Tanisha, and all my other new additions..too many of you guys to name), I learned a whole lot about myself, I’ve pretty much become a new person.

Went to about 6 or 7 concerts (E.badu, Jill Scott, Kirk F., Mary Mary, TBN Taping @ Church, Toni Braxton and the list goes on), traveled to Illinois, Atlanta, B-More, Alabama, where else? Somewhere else, can’t think right now. I had the best 21st birthday celebration/weekend long event EVER!! This summer was just truly amazing and I’m sooo thankful for every single moment that happened.

I usually get sad and upset when it comes time for me to leave home and return back to Hampton. College just hasn’t been the most exciting place for me. This time I’m trying my best to change that negative attitude. I am working to be thankful for the great things I experience, and look forward to more while I’m at school and even when I return home again for the holidays.

Life is cool now, and even when it gets a lil rocky, just to know that these good days once existed lets me know that they shall return again. Life can only be as great as you allow it to be.

Be optimistic. Be grateful. Be thankful. Be positive.

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