My great, kinda long story.

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Sooo…I just got back to Hampton for my final semester (got in round 12:30am..its now 3:00a and I got class in the morning but back to the story)…lets rewind a lil bit, cause my story to getting here is a bit crazy.

It started on Thursday night I believe it was, I went home and my throat was a lil sore but I thought nothing else of it, just was hoping this wasn’t gonna lead to something deeper. The next day I wake up and my throat is more sore and my nose is I work on myself a lil bit, pray and eat some fruit and I’m good for the day. The next day I felt terrible, my body was aching, had a fever, nose running, all that good stuff..this was on Saturday, I think, no Sunday was the day I felt really bad. Anyway, I continued to pray, took some vitamins and ate fruit and soup and all that. So now I’m back at school..I feel waaaayyy better, just have a lil mucus left. It should be gone in a couple days.

So today (Monday) comes and its time for me to leave, and I realized “oh wait! I left my wallet.” So I spend about 4mins looking for my wallet. Prior to the wallet, I realized I’d left my friend’s Christmas cards and my charger to my digital camera. I thought, I can live without those, I’ll be cool.

So we’re on the road heading to the airport all is well…I get on my flight and realize I left my car keys at home. So I have my car here at school with no car keys. “Oh well, mom can overnite them.”

I continue on, board the plane yada yada…the flight attendant says “At this time it is safe to use all portable electronic devices…” Yeah so I read my book for a while then I decide to work on some graphics that I need to get done. I pull out my computer, power it up, only to discover that my EVERYTHING seems to be gone!!! My music, my pictures, my screensaver, my desktop images, my EVERYTHING!! Except for my programs. So I say, hmmm…before I get all upset, let me search around. So I look on my hard drive, check out my users and see that a new user named “Justin” has been mysteriously created on my computer. I check under my system preferences and see that there is one user named “Kandis” who is also the adminstrator and I also discover that there are no other users here…not even one named “Justin” that I found on my hard drive..crazy right? Yeah, soo…I look in all of “Kandis'” folders and they’re all empty..I look in all of “Justin’s” folders and there is some, not all (I’m missing some music) of my files.

After that I spent the rest of the flight, fixing whatever mysteriously happened to my computer. I land in Norfolk, VA and my friend is outside waiting to take me back to campus. As we drive to campus I realize I left my clearance paper at home (this paper is mailed to our house over the break stating whether or not we are financially cleared for the semester. You must show that you are cleared in order to get the key to your dorm room and all that stuff). SO I’m praying “please let me be able to get my key w/o this paper.” The night lady was cool..and they had a list this year stating our financial status which I was sadly very impressed by. It sounds like something so simple but for Hampton to have a list in EVERY dorm stating EVERY on-campus student’s financial status is a MAJOR accomplishment. I’m almost proud of my school! ;)

Sooo…I get my key, get to my room and realize I left my toothbrush at home (I use an electric toothbrush so its not like I can just buy another one, they’re a bit expensive)…So..I call my friend again, by now it’s like 1am and I’ve already kept her up 3hrs past her normal bedtime. I’m like “I need a toothbrush, and I don’t have my car keys here so I can’t take myself, do you mind?” She takes me to a gas station. The gas station ended up being closed on the inside, but you could go up to this man at a lil window and tell him what you needed. So I send the man to get my toothbrush, 2 packages of peanut butter crackers, a bottled water, and a grandma’s chocolate chip cookie. (OK, I got all that b/c I don’t have a car and I’m unsure of what my schedule is gonna be just yet, so just in case I don’t have time for lunch or dinner one day before I get my keys, I got some crackers so I won’t pass out or nothing. And water is just a necessity).

Yeah, so I got all my things, we get back to campus and I’m like “LORD!!! What’s really going on?? I’ve never forgotten this many things when leaving home. I’ve never felt this “untogether” (I know it’s not a word). So I’m thinking “I don’t want these events to be a precursor to what my last semester @ HU is going to be like, I don’t want my semester to be like this.”

I didn’t know what to do so I thought, let me unpack everything, get my room in order tonight (which is why I’m up now, I just finished). I said, if I get my room clean, unpack, put all my stuff back where it belongs (we have to take everything off the floor and unplug everything and all that before we leave for break) I said, if I get everything back in order tonight that may help me get my life back right. So as I’m unpacking I heard what I believe was the Lord say, “Worship God[Me] through this” so I’m like, “you’re right, I need to be real, cause God is in control of all this, he can put me back on track.” So I played “Above All”…you know, “above all powers, above all thrones…..” yeah, so at the end of this rendition they start talking about how God is faithful and how He’s already done enough.

I thought to myself “WOW!!” that’s true…despite all this craziness, I still managed to have a GREAT holiday break, I made it back to school safely, I mean me being a SENIOR alone is enough to call God faithful forever!! (Yall don’t know the struggle), but seriously, once I thought of all He’s done for me, all the small things that had happened over these past few days didn’t even matter. I KNEW at that moment, that He was/is gonna take care of me through this entire semester and more importantly throughout my entire life.

So anyway, I said all that to say God is goooooood…I need a word better then good tho…He truly is wayyy amazing and faithful despite our unfaithfulness and disobedience and that’s real.

Ok. That’s all I have to say. This is gonna be a GREAT last semester!!

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