Me @ 26

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Did I really just type a “6” after that “2??” IN. SANE.

(minutes of time pass)

Ok Kandis, get it together! I’ve now started this post 3 different ways and deleted each of them. None of them felt right. Usually when I write these, they just flow. What’s the deal 26?!

Wow. I really don’t know what to say about my 25th year of life. It was more than I would’ve ever thought up for myself. It truly was a year of blessings…absolutely undeserved blessings. I still don’t know why they were given to me, but I’m thankful.

I hope this note doesn’t disappoint when compared to previous years, but as I reflect on 25, I can pretty much sum it up with, “Wow, what incredible blessings.” For some reason, looking forward to 26 all I see is a blank canvas.

I don’t really have expectations for 26. Is that bad? I’m not sure if that’s bad or good actually. Expectations can often lead to disappointment, ya know? So maybe it’s not so bad after all??? I don’t know.

All I know is that 25 blew me away, and the same God that was with me then will be with me through this next year. Whether 26 brings me a year of spring times and harvests, or a year of winters, loss and pain, I know that God will use this year, as He’s done all the others, to mold me for His glory.

I know I haven’t been using my gifts, talents, and influence to the best of the ability God has given me. So I pray, God will give me the strength to be more committed to the cause of Christ this year; and that others may come to know Him because of Christ being glorified through me…as scary as this is to pray…at 26 I’m saying, ”Whatever it takes Lord.”

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  • Dhara Mistry
    October 31, 2011

    Well, happy 26th! Hope all has been good on your side so far! Welcome to Livefyre! We’re excited to have you on Livefyre! Feel free to send any questions/feedback our way. We’ll be happy to help!

  • Alisja
    July 10, 2011

    You are amazing Kandis. You continue to be a living example to me even though we don’t talk often. You go for your dreams, work hard, and you;re God fearing. What better role model could you be?!
    You’re in my heart and I love you!
    Happy 26th!

  • Sondra Booker
    July 8, 2011


    Wishing you the best 26th birthday ever! You only get one! It’s at 29 when they start repeating. LOL…

    Hope your day is as beautiful as you are!

    I had forgotten that you and Morgan (my 17yr old son) shared so such a close birthday. His is the 6th (there goes that number 6 again). Be blessed!!