Me @ 23

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WOW!!! Is all I can say right now! It seems literally like its only been 4 months since I wrote my blog “Me @ 22!” Time is truly on CRACK! Nonetheless, here I am today at my 23rd birthday & I’m truly truly amazed at life!


So I’ll kick it off w/ last years’ bday blog…
I’M 22 TODAY!!!! It’s sooo wild to be here. I still feel like I’m 18 sometimes! Let me kick this blog off by saying THANK YOU!! to everyone who has and will send any type of bday message just in case I don’t get around to personally thanking everybody.

Alright, now that the Grammy speech is over…I just wanted to write a quick update on where I am in life. My hair pretty much explains it all…I’m in transition! :)

It’s weird because for the past couple of months, the things I thought I wanted the most have sort of moved to the backburner, and my focus has shifted to something I NEVER thought I’d be doing at this age which is…should I tell yall yet? Hmm…I’ll think about it.

As I was saying, there’s a change happening in me and in my life and I’m not too estatic about this transition period…it’s already been a bit emotionally draining and it’s only been about a month now. BUT! I know when it’s all said and done, all will be well and God will be pleased and I will be where HE created me to be not where I think I should be and life will be all the better.

So, I’ve decided to hold off on the news and post details when the time is more appropriate. In the meantime…for the St. John folk who were in the house for this one…”Don’t Stop! Get it, Get it!!”

I’m not gonna say a whole lot about where I am because I’m sleepy (but wanted to get this done). Since my last post, the things that I was dealing with or going through have NO comparison to my new tests and challenges. Just yesterday I failed a MAJOR one & felt like garbage, but God’s love, grace & mercy is beyond amazing! I try my best to not take advantage of it but being human makes that effort almost impossible.

We are SOOOOO weak!! I don’t think we realize how much we NEED God…at least not until we’ve exhausted all our resources or hit rock bottom. I don’t want to be that person….EVER! I don’t want tragedy to be the only thing that brings me to God’s throne (thanks Anthony Evans for that!).

But there are a few things that I do want & here I am at 23 VERY much so changed from who I was @ 22…still have a long way 2 go tho! So, I hope & pray that God will continue to grow me & challenge me.

So I pray all these things & more will ring true of Kandis @ 23!
1. Subtract Self— I don’t want to live based on what pleases me, but rather focus on Christ & relating to others
2. Expand Influence— I want more mentees & to be more consistent with my current ones
3. Increase Productivity — I need discipline and I need 2 combat laziness
4. Encounter Growth— In every area you can think of…quality of friendships, family relationships, everyday conversation….really this one boils down to continuing to keep my heart open to God & all He has 2 say about all my jackedupness and issues & using my influence, life, time & resources 2 impact the world & communities around me

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