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I left work at 2am. Exhausted. Realizing the week was out & I hadn’t prioritized as much time w/ Jesus as I would’ve liked…once again.

Beating myself up. Replaying where all my time went and wishing I could do it over, I started my car and discovered my mom, who had borrowed my car after I picked her up from the airport, surprised me with a full tank of gas!

I HATE getting gas!! The process of pumping gas is a wack, time-consuming requirement of life; and let’s not even discuss the expense of this necessary evil.

That full tank of gas made my night.

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I get home, walk into my room, only to find my roommate (who I’ve seen like twice this whole week) left me a note w/ a red velvet donut! Who’s even heard of such magnificence?! It’s genius even!


I then move the donut to take a look at the mail that my roommate put on my bed only to find a postcard from a friend who was studying in Oxford, England!


She mailed it a month ago. I’d just moved at the time and apparently gave her the wrong address. She’s been home a few weeks now and we were both saddened that I would never see the postcard, which was especially certain because it had no return address on it. But lo and behold, the postcard was determined & it prevailed the journey across the seas and beyond and it arrived to me exactly when I needed to be reminded that…

There is no condemnation in Christ (Romans 8:1)

God sees me (Psalm 139:1-6)

I am forgiven (Micah 7:18-19)

I am loved (Romans 5:8)

God is with me (Deut 31:8)

Ever just need to be reminded that God sees you, loves you, knows just where you are and is for you? Well welcome to the party.

Know that His word is true, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

Know that you’re loved, even when you don’t deserve it.

Understand that He’s with you, even when it doesn’t seem like it.

And know that He’s for you, even when you feel like everyone’s against you.

Have you ever had a day or experience where God reminded you He sees you? Would love to hear your story!

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