I’ve got something to say…again!

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I was really planning to make my next blog something fun and exciting then I came across this song so now its gonna be a lil serious, but I’m gonna make it fun @ the end!

Really listen to the lyrics in my profile song it’s called “Lose My Soul” by the one and only TobyMac feat. “ya boy” or “ya nephew” or whatever he is to you, Kirk Franklin. **Quick Plug: T.Mac’s new album “Portable Sounds” hits stores February 20th…go cop that!**

Anyway, it’s crazy cause I was writing a friend today and well..here’s an excerpt:

“…I don’t really have a solution and I don’t wanna give
you some spiritual cliché like “just pray” or “read
your bible whenever you’re feeling what you’re feeling” because honestly
that hasn’t been enough for me lately. There’s
something in my life that I’m missing right now and I
don’t feel adequate enough to offer some life changing
solution to the things you’re dealing with.”

Then I find this song…when I listened to it, I heard more then just “gain the world, lose your soul”…I heard “Focus on ME”…”Nothing can supplement an intimate relationship with ME”…”Commune with ME”…”I’m what’s missing”…”You’ve been focused on things…I’m WAAYY over here! Look to ME”

So what wakes u up in the morning? The events that lie ahead? The people you’re planning to see? The job you have to go to? Check ya self & check your focus.

Tis All…Now on to the fun!

I present to some & introduce to others!!!….MY SEXY FACE!!!

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I’m sure to get a valentine after posting this pic! ;)

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