The Power of One: Reflecting on the Life of Irene Gleeson

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Have you ever experienced greatness but didn’t realize it till months or years down the line?

I question a lot of times why God allows me to meet and know so many amazing people. I mean, I’m just me, no one famous or with a huge sphere of influence. I haven’t accomplished anything really substantial yet. I’m just a girl who loves Jesus and strives to live a life that reflects that.

I’m sitting on my lunch break overwhelmed, thankful, sad, happy…as I reflect on the impact and life of a woman I had the pleasure of meeting and spending some great quality time with back in January.

She’d come to the states to raise money for her organization and she also stopped by Daystar to be a guest on a couple programs. She brought with her Exodus and John Paul who I now call and consider my brothers.

We all got to hang out for few days and boy did we hang HARD! One night Mama Irene stayed up until 2am sharing stories and joking with me and my bestie Rebecca. She even tried to marry us off to African men! Lol She shared her struggles, her pains, her joys; she was so authentic, open, real, and honest. Even though I only spent a few days with her, it genuinely felt like I’d known her for years.

Mama Irene passed on last Sunday, July 21st, but for some reason, today, 8 days later, I finally get it.

My life will be forever touched by the life and legacy of Irene. She has inspired me to be fearless and give everything for the cause of Christ. I want to live a life that’s dedicated to the good of others, a life that’s a literal living testament of the heart of God for His people. I want to give it all just like Mama Irene did.

I will miss her and will forever cherish our time together.