Introducing Levi Maestro & The Infinity Piece

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Levi Maestro is far from a common household name, but something is definitely special about the dude.

It was 2010 when I first discovered Levi one random day while I was watching videos on YouTube & Vimeo. I honestly have no idea how I ended up finding him. All I remember is watching one video and becoming hooked. He was so interesting, intriguing and inspiring.

Whatever else I needed to get done that day definitely wasn’t going to happen because for the next 2 hours, I watched Levi’s videos back-to-back. The whole time I was watching, questions kept coming to mind:
1. Who is this guy?
2. Where did he come from?
3. Does anyone know he exists?
4. What is his ethnicity?
5. How old is he?
6. What kind of camera is he using?
7. Whose beat is this?
8. What does he believe about God?

And the list goes on. Fast forward three years, and I’m STILL asking the exact same questions! Lol Anyway, soon after I stumbled upon Levi, he began talks about the release of his new timepiece called “Infinity Piece.” The interesting thing about this piece was that it didn’t tell time.

A watch that doesn’t tell time: Genius.

Levi created the Infinity Piece to prove that when you’re dedicated to what you love, time becomes irrelevant.

The Infinity Piece was created to be a reminder that you can never spend too much time on the things you’re passionate about.

From the first time I saw the watch, I knew I’d own one. One because I loved (and still love) what it represents and two because, I NEVER set my watches! I wear watches that don’t tick, watches set to wrong time zones, watches that are only right when Daylight Savings comes around, I’m late all the time, I mean, this watch was literally made for ME! I thought, this is great! With the Infinity Piece, my watch will never be wrong! Lol

Anyway, three years and multiple designs/releases later, I have finally purchased my Infinity Piece. Levi released a new limited edition one with only 100 being made.

I knew this version was the one I’d been waiting for. It felt like it was mine the moment I saw it and here’s why:

One:  My gold watch broke a couple months ago
And Two: The Infinity Piece has a great meaning on it’s own, but for me, it’s meaning is it’s original intent and so much more. It reminds me:

1. Time on this earth is limited, but our souls are infinite
2. God operates outside the confines of time
3. It is important that I remain eternally minded
4. I need to spend more time building and investing in things that will last forever

When we live our lives with an eternal perspective, what we do with our time changes…a lot.

I’m excited to own my new wrist piece, not just because I love watches, but because it will serve as a reminder of where my focus should be as I go throughout life here on earth.

Here are some vids of Levi Maestro to introduce you to this interesting lad. Enjoy!


Tour De Maestro – TOKYO from levi maestro on Vimeo.


MKUSA | Part 3 of 4 from levi maestro on Vimeo.

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