How a Great Album Can Easily Be Ruined

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A great album in a not so great order makes for a not so great album.

I believe there is an art to song placements on an album, and if the order of the songs are not thought through and considered, a really great album can turn into a so-so album, strictly based on the listener’s experience.

No one wants to feel jerked around from a high to a low. I believe there should be a natural progression in both music and lyrical theme.
I’m so huge on album order, that I sometimes find myself creating a playlist and rearranging albums in the order I think they’d best flow.

I recently did this for Kierra Sheard’s Graceland album.

Check out the album in it’s released order, then for some fun, try it out in the order below!


1. Even though “Balm” is an interlude, I still think it flows better at spot #2, I’d just remove the “Interlude” title
2. “Found Love in Me” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness” are bonus tracks so I left them at the bottom.

What do you think about this new order?
Have you ever experienced an album of great songs placed in a not so great order?

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