Higher Ground: Skydiving, Drunken Nights, and Growing Up Right

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I was driving to Rita’s for an ice cream break today and I suddenly realized, “I did it.”

But, when?


I’m still not exactly sure, but…I did it.

I somehow managed to grow up and become a full-fledged adult with a 9 to 5 and bills.

Why am I so surprised? This was the plan all along right? Right. -_-

In the midst of this discovery, one thing I’ve realized is at this juncture in life I have more freedom than ever before.

Literally, I can do anything I want yet, I don’t.

I’ll explain it this way. I’m 29, I have my own place, no kids, I’m not dating or married and I have money I can spend on whatever I choose.

With these options and resources I could literally party every weekend, buy expensive clothes and purses, get drunk on the regular, have wild sex with beautiful men just by using a free fuck buddies app.

Too visual? Ok, I’ll tone it down.

But seriously people, my options are endless here; yet! I choose to do none of these things.

I honestly baffle myself because I know that my choosing isn’t quite what I’d naturally want.

Naturally, I’m an adventurer who is down to experience preeeeety much anything…as long as it doesn’t involve deep water, cause I can’t swim.

I know. It’s shameful.

Anywho, I was 12 years old when I decided I wanted to give my life to Jesus and let Him be my God and guide.

Over the course of the 17 years I’ve been a Christian, I’ve found myself asking on many occasions, “Why the heck did I come to Jesus so soon?”

Dang, I should’ve waited.

You see I’m a big proponent of the phrase, “If you know better, do better.” Well, except when it comes to brushing my teeth at night, that’s still a struggle…and eating sweets, I’m a sucker for some candy…and brownies…and Sprinkle’s red velvet cupcakes. And have you had a lemon Nuthin’ Bundt Cake?

Focus KD.

Ok, so after years of often thinking I’d made a major, life-altering decision pre-maturely with no full understanding of its repercussions, I can honestly finally say, I’m satisfied and thankful.

I’ve gone skydiving twice.

One of my favorite things about skydiving is the view.

It is absolutely beautiful on the way down and you can see for miles and miles.

You even have a bit of time to enjoy it if you choose not to spin and do tricks.

I guess you can get the same perspective from flying, but there’s something very different when you’re physically exposed and literally a part of the experience of being on higher ground.

This is what happens when we grow up.

Now, I don’t mean grow up in age, but I’m specifically referencing maturity.

We no longer view our story, this world or our life experiences the way we used to. Why? Because we’ve matured and now we’re looking from a new level—from higher ground.


I used to be ashamed of my story, wishing I had some crazy, drunken night chronicles to share.

You know, so I could brag about how I was a hot mess (according to the average person’s standards) and tell how God cleaned me up.

I still think those stories are absolutely awesome and clearly display the miraculous works of God. I’m genuinely fascinated when I hear people share about extreme turnarounds. I love it.

But I’ve also learned to be thankful for my story.

I’m thankful that I’ve been able to experience God and walk with Him all these years in a personal way.

When I compare the times I’ve decided to experiment and dip out so I could be “normal,” to the times where I’ve tangibly experienced the presence of God, or the times when I’ve heard Him speak to me, or the times when I received a revelation from reading my Bible, I discovered that no other thing compares.

And I know, I know, people say, “nothing compares to God” all the time. I’ve heard it a million times too, but to know this truth for yourself makes a huge world of a difference.

So because this post is getting a tad long, let me hop ahead to the point here.

I want this life for everybody.

The fulfillment and joy found in an authentic and personal relationship with Jesus Christ, can absolutely not be found anywhere else on this earth. Trust me, I’ve tried a few things, not a whole lot, but a few…annnnd I’ve heard a lot of stories. ;)

So today, I want to offer two challenges:

1. To the believer who sometimes doubts and wonders if this Jesus thing is worth it, I want to challenge you to ask yourself, “what is influencing my perspective?”

Is it friends, media, music, a boyfriend or girlfriend, your own ideology on different things? If you took a step back from these influences for just one week and dedicated some extra time to being quiet and still with Our Father, listening to Him, journaling or praying, and reading His word, how much of your perspective would change?

2. To the person who’s been a skeptic or has the plan to wait until you’re older to come to Jesus, I want to challenge you to ask yourself, “Am I fully satisfied?”

I’m not asking if you’re happy or enjoying life, I’m quite sure you’re having some fun on this path. I’m asking if you’re satisfied. If you feel content, like you have everything you could ever want, need or desire. And not just physical wants and desires, but also mental and emotional wants and desires. If the entire rest of your life looked just like it does right now, would you be satisfied completely on all fronts?

If no, I want you to strongly consider letting go of your life as you know it and putting it in the hands of the One who created it. He knows the ins and outs of you and will bring complete satisfaction to every area of your life, because He knows exactly how you’re made and He knows exactly what you do and don’t need.

If either of these challenges spoke to you, I want to pray with you. And if you’d like to discuss anything further, feel free to leave a comment, message me, email me, whatever method you prefer.

Let’s pray!

Father, thank you for this your son or daughter who choose to read this post today. That’s pretty awesome that you’d send them this way.

Right now I ask that for the Christian who’s doubting or wishing they’d waited, that you’d ignite a fresh fire within them. I ask that you’d make yourself real to them in a new way so that they can undeniably say, “Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me.” Help them remember the things you’ve already done and set in their hearts an excitement to experience all the great things you have in store for them. Let them know that You are right there with them every step of this life’s journey. We thank you for Your incomparable presence in their life today and forever.

For the person who has yet to put their trust in You, Father, I ask that you would open their heart towards You. That they might be able to receive the love you’ve had for them since before they were born. I thank you that you have already given them gifts and abilities and that you’ve blessed them with the gift of life. I pray that they would decide to accept the gift of your love. That they would in return offer you their life and receive You as their Father, their friend, their confidant and their guide. May they come to know you for themselves as the great satisfier. Without doubt or question, please show them that You’re real and You’ve loved them all along.

In Jesus’ name we ask these things, Amen.

If you made it to the end of this, you are absolutely amazing. You’re getting a high five next time I see you.

And for real, for real peeps, hit me up to discuss further, if you’d like!

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