Hannah’s Prayer: My Post Party Reflections

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Last night I think I threw one of the best parties I’ve ever had. What’s so crazy is the plans for this party changed so many times and because of the weather, many of the things I’d planned to do, just couldn’t happen. I’d never gone through so many changes, trying to host a party!

Anyway, after things kept changing and having to be altered, I got tired and didn’t feel like having a party at all so I canceled it. I just didn’t want to be bothered with all the extra stuff. I figured, I could just sit at the house and read and be perfectly content. Well, that thought lasted for about 2 hours, but after talking to a friend and my mother, we decided to still do something, but downsize it a bit.

Everything worked out so perfectly and I’m so glad I went ahead and did something to celebrate. I woke up this morning, and for the first time in a LONG time the house was quiet! I guess that’s cause I had everyone up till 3am! ☺

I decided to pray and just thank God for His faithfulness. I then opened up my devotional and today’s scripture was Psalm 37:23, “If the Lord delights in a man’s way, he makes his steps firm.”

Two parts in particular stood out to me in my devotional; they were:
1. My paths are straight, and they are narrow, but you shall have no difficulty in finding them if you watch Me. I am guiding you.
2. Trust Me to do it, and give me the time and the opportunity to do it. Be not hasty, and lean not upon your own intelligence. Rest in Me.
(Excerpts taken from “Come Away My Beloved” by Frances J. Roberts.)

I read and reread Psalm 37:23, and then my Bible directed me to 1 Samuel 2:9 as an extension of this same message.

1 Samuel 2:9 says, “He will guard the feet of his saints but the wicked will be silenced in darkness. It is not by strength that one prevails.”

I learned that this was part of a prayer Hannah prayed. I wondered, “What happened to Hannah to make her pray such a prayer?” so I started at the beginning of Samuel to learn a little more background info.

To my surprise, I had marked up the 1st chapter of this book a few months ago, studying Hannah’s response to her situation! The deal is Hannah was married to Elkanah who was also married to Peninnah. Penninnah had kids, but Hannah was barren for many years. Because of her state and his love for her, Elkanah would always give Hannah double portion of meat after sacrifices.

Fast Forward >>>>> Hannah gets weary and tired of her condition and she weeps and prays and vows to the Lord that if He gives her a child she will give it to the Lord for all the days of it’s life. Fast Forward again >>>>> Hannah eventually gives birth to Samuel and she dedicates Samuel to God. After she dedicates him, she says a prayer…a quite amazing prayer, if you ask me! You can check it out in 1 Samuel 2:1-10.

What I came to realize this morning through studying this story and my devotional is that God is sovereign. I know you’re either thinking “duh!” or “That’s it?” Of course I knew this before, but check this out.

Lately I’ve been very eager and ready to “start a life” back in Texas. I’m like “Ok God, I did what you said! I moved back home, now where are my job and income, new responsibilities and provision?” I expected to move back home and everything just instantly fall into place!

My situation may be different from yours, but I’m sure there’s some area in your life where you’re anxiously awaiting provision or a change. We’re fallible creatures, who are rarely ever wholeheartedly content with every aspect of our lives. It’s ok, I can admit that even if I had income right now, I’d probably want to change some other aspect of my life. “The eyes of man are never satisfied (Proverbs 27:20).” That’s just reality.

Sidenote: I’ve got 5 little sisters staying with me who just woke up hungry so I must finish this up before they attack me! ☺

But back to the point of it all! For whatever reason God has me living in my parent’s house, without a job at age 25, I’m good. Yes, I’ve been applying for jobs and no, I didn’t plan for this to be my life at this age, but it’s ok! Last night’s party helped me see that I’m rich. I’m rich with family, friends and people who love me and that’s blessing enough at the moment…especially since I’m just coming out of an 11 month-long season of preparation and isolation! I am LOVING me some people right about now! Lol

But seriously, you and me can both rest in the fact that, like Hannah, our situations, no matter how long they seem stagnant, can absolutely turn around. Meditate on the promise found in Psalm 37:23 that God will and is ordering our steps. And let us look to Hannah as an example of how to handle these moments of barrenness. I think the most important thing she did was keeping her promise to God by dedicating her child’s life to Him. What more could we offer God, but the daily and continual sacrifice of our lives?

So once again, I must leave you with the current song of my life! “He wants it all…” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUMRqJCV9Q4

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