I’m Missing Homecoming But I’m Still Celebrating!

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“Did they have computers when you went to college?”

That’s what I imagine a 10 year old would ask me if they knew this year is my 10 year class reunion.

I can’t believe I’m missing it!

*sings alama mater*

“Oh Hampton a thought sent from Heaven above, to be a great soul’s inspiraaaation…”

The majority of my college years were marked with me traveling, networking, hitting up class just enough to pass…except for Tennis, I actually failed that one.

Whenever I was on campus, I spent the majority of my free time working at the radio station.

“WHOV eighty-eight point one, you’re listening to the voice of Hampton University, it’s your girl Special K! Keep it locked to the left, there’s more great music coming up next!”

Oh how many times did I say some variation of those words during my 3.5 years of working at that station?

Anyway, I don’t really have a deep point to this post, just wanted to share how much I loved my college days and how grateful I am to be a graduate of Hampton University.

I decided to pull out all my HU decor and decorate our home with it for the rest of the month. Dex was…thrilled. ?

I eventually won him over to the idea. Success!

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    Perfect Spot!
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    I could get used to seeing this here!
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    Dex was...thrilled
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    I did a little persuading.
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    He agreed to letting it stay up! :)

I’ll also be blasting songs that remind me of college all throughout the house. Homecoming week will be in full effect!

And I don’t just want to celebrate in my house! I want to celebrate with all my peeps! Hampton grad or not!

So! I’m giving you a link to download a mp3 of clips from a gospel radio show I did during Homecoming 2008. If you’d like to get your hands on the sounds of Special K on The Voice of Hampton University, click the blue button below.

To all my Hampton friends hitting up homecoming, and to the class of 2007 (QT6), y’all have an absolute blast this weekend at our Home by the Sea!

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  • Sammy L Davis
    October 22, 2017

    That was beautiful