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This blog is about to be soo random, hence the subject title “Gumbo”…bear with me.

Music Lets start with COP THAT NEW MEN OF STANDARD!! It’s soo lovely, I’m listening to it now..titled “Surrounded” features CRAZY production work by the one and only Warren Campbell, also feats Kirk Franklin & his sangas and Tye Tribbett…it’s a masterpiece.

Other albums you should definitely have by now are Kierra Sheard “This is Me” and Tye Tribbett & G.A. “Victory.”

Life The work never ends. I have learned that growth is a continous process like for real, it never stops! I have learned more about myself in this past month then I have throughout my entire 21years of living…it’s crazy, scary and great all at one time. At least I know some progress is being made, soon I’ll be able so say, “Look where He brought me from!” Thank ya Lord for the growth even tho I gotta deal w/ these pains..I know it’s worth it. Same goes for you my friends, be appreciative cause He’s only allowing it because you’re worth it! That says a lot about how God thinks of us. No longer will I be satisfied with “chilling” or being content, I want to reach my potential, no matter the cost..whatever the sacrifice, it won’t compare to the greatness waiting at the end of the journey!

Friends I have had moments in life where I felt like I had all the friends in the world and other moments when I felt like I was on an island by myself and no one knew or cared about where I was. I can finally say that I KNOW who my REAL friends are and it is such an amazing thing to know who you can call on for anything. To know that there are some people that will help you through your problems and not judge you is such a great thing. Life without these people would be rough. The greatest thing about them is that they came right on time and God put them there. So if you’re in the place where you feel alone…know that you’re not and when it is time God will send you that or those special people to help you when you need it most. To my peeps…Ya’ll know who you be…I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH and Thank you for being you! :)


1.When it’s your time, it’s your time. You won’t have to force anything or work extra hard to make anything happen.

2. Loving and knowing yourself is a powerful thing…get to know you.

3. I’m for real 21 years old!

Yeah, soo…there ya go, some knowledge fo yo soul…all of those personal accounts were to help someone who may be dealin’ with these same things. I’m not to the point where I can say “I’ve been there,” but I can definitely say, I understand…peace to ya all…& I’m out!

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