Going with God: 30 Days of Godventures Before Turning 30

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On July 7th I turn 30 which means I’ve got 30 days left in my 20s. A bit mind blowing to stop and ponder that, especially because I still remember how early school day mornings smelled. I still recall the fights my brother and I used to have as kids; and it seems like just yesterday we were heading out for our annual trip to Illinois to spend part of our summer break with our grandparents.

Indeed, time is on crack…the hormone-injected kind of crack. If there are hormones in chicken, there has to be some in crack.

Don’t try to make sense of it, just move on with me.

I decided today that I wanted to do 30 “somethings” over the course of these next 30 days, but I couldn’t figure out what exactly.

I racked my brain and solicited ideas from friends yet at the end of every pondering there was a feeling of, “that’s not it.” I thought of doing 30 New Things in 30 Days (Too selfish), or 30 Random Acts of Kindness in 30 Days (Too expected), or 30 Days of Prayer (Too…I already pray everyday), or 30 People Profiles of Random People I Meet Everyday During Normal Life Activities (Just…too…no).

Now, I’m not judging anyone who would choose to do any of those things for 30 days. Everyone’s different and what works for some may not always work for others and today, I’m an “other.”

So, what am I going to do for 30 days?

Well, I’m excited to share…and I hope this makes sense, but if it doesn’t, just umm…follow the blog or my Instagram page for updates along the way.

For the next 30 days I’m going to go on adventures with God!

What that will look like, I’m not exactly sure but I’m expecting some pretty dope stories as I make myself available and decide to tune in a bit closer and pay more attention to opportunities to experience some awe-inspiring greatness with Him.

I always say “God writes the best stories,” so I’m ready to see what incredible God moments will happen over these next 30 days.

I’m expecting to AT LEAST encourage people, make some new friends, witness a miracle or two, give away some stuff, and serve a bit, but who knows! Whatever each day brings, my heart’s prayer and hope is that it will be something that will last and matter in eternity.

I’ll do my best to document on the blog along the way, but the best way to keep up with the adventures is by checking the hashtag #KDturns30 on Instagram and Twitter. Maybe this will even inspire some of you to go with God on a few new adventures too!

Let the #Godventures begin!

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