The Other Side of Wackness

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I prayed for a new friend today and when we finished, she unknowingly spoke directly to a couple deep-seated dreams in my heart. I was trying to be a blessing to her and somehow ended up receiving a blessing in return!

Today’s unexpected exchange has me thinking two things:

1) Our perspective in different circumstances is a direct correlation to how much we’re trusting God in that area. Perspective changes everything. When we truly believe God can and will, we act like it. And when we’re having a hard time believing, it’s great to have a friend that will stand in the gap, speak truth to us, and pray with us. Which leads me to my second thought…

2) I don’t want to grow and leave my friends behind. If you’re in my circle, I don’t want to be a passive friend that just accepts you but doesn’t encourage or challenge you to aim higher and go farther. I want to see all of us be absolutely all God has called us to be. There is greatness inside of us because God gave us Himself. And as scared as I am to live out some of the dreams God has placed in my own heart, I refuse to let fear stifle me and cause me to be stagnant. And I refuse to let my friends settle for half-hearted anything as well. I’m fighting not only for myself, but I’m fighting for all those God has connected me with because I believe it’s all for a majorly important purpose that’s bigger than us.

I also believe our decision to settle for mediocre or fight for fullness of purpose, will directly affect us, our families, our friends, people we don’t even know yet, and even future generations. There is an exponential impact at stake here! We can’t afford to be apathetic, complacent, and selfish!

We have everything to gain and only wackness to loose. So let’s punch fear, doubt, lies, hopelessness, depression, loneliness, and all other forms of wackness in throat and get on with the amazingly abundant life God has designed for us!


I think this picture embodies community and perspective in a beautiful way. It illustrates life as it’s intended to be lived—in fellowship and unity with one another—having a view that looks beyond the surface. Let’s go after all of it. Let’s see what’s on the other side of wackness…together.

Let me know how I can pray for you. Send me a message, leave a comment, email, text…you know how to find me :)

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