Discovering Big Meanings in Small Moments

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Sometimes life connects in a mysteriously beautiful way.

Last summer a writer friend of mine who lives in Australia (Nicole), gave me a book called Still Writing by Dani Shapiro. I read the book, became something like a fan of the author and today, actually got to meet her!

I rarely ever get excited about meeting people, but for some reason, Dani has become a writing crush for me. I never use phrases like that. I don’t know who I’m becoming.

Reading her book introduced me to the realities of life as a writer. It was honest, real, and the grass wasn’t always green. I appreciated her authenticity in sharing her story. It liberated me to embrace mine and by the end of it, I was convinced that I too could take on my path as writer…annnnd actually call myself one.

I fully embrace the title “writer” now and I am excited about the gift of the tedious journey that lies ahead. Dani and Nicole helped me get to this place of embrace. I am so glad.

I found out a couple days ago on Dani’s Instagram she would be speaking in Dallas this weekend. I had to figure out where and fast. I googled, found the deets, sent an email to their ticket person and snagged three free tickets for me and a couple friends.

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I arrived just in time to catch Dani’s speech. Afterwards, we met at her book signing. She was reserved, quiet, and probably thought I was crazy. Like, legit crazy…and for good reason.

Earlier this year I bought a fellow writer friend, Dani’s book for her birthday. Today she brought the book for Dani to sign.

Dani opened the book and said “well, this is a first.”

I totally forgot I’d forged Dani’s signature as a joke when I gave my friend the book. So here I stood, the culprit of the forged signature, standing face-to-face with the actual author of the book as she signs beside my forged signature.


Kandis, oh Kandis.

We laughed it off. Snapped a quick pic and I thanked her.

My friends and I moved into the hallway to recap the day. I look downstairs and see a sign for a restaurant called “Café Momentum.”

“Hey! I just ate there last night!”

Café Momentum is a non-profit restaurant that hires and trains at-risk youth. It’s quite an amazing program. Last night I had two waiters. By the end of our time there, our hearts were bonded. “We don’t usually have customers like you.”

What made us so different?

All we did was ask them their names, give them nicknames, ask a couple simple questions about their story, encourage them, and told them they are welcome at our church if they ever wanted to know more about Jesus.

To me, it was very simple.
To them, it was huge.

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Our time together ended with a hug and I knew I’d be back for another $30 meal someday soon ($30 is a lot for one meal, I know, but it’s for the kids).


Today I got to meet the owner of Café Momentum and hear his story as to why he started it all. He’s the real deal. He means what he’s doing and he’s not stopping anytime soon.

I decided to become a partner today for $20 a month for a year and in return, I received one of the plates I’d just admired and took pictures of the day before in the restaurant.

I’m thankful…just like my new plate says. I’m thankful that everything has a reason and purpose. I’m thankful for full circle moments.

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I’m inspired to do more.

The moment we look beyond ourselves is the moment we find a whole new world full of beautiful moments and relationships waiting to be forged.

Take some time to step outside your own head, look around you, encourage someone, support an organization, give someone a gift…you never know just how big that circle will be by the time the two ends meet.

Have you had any full circle moments lately? I’d love to hear about it!

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