Every Friend Has a Reason

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People talk about me saying I have 5,000 friends, 1,000 brothers and sisters and about 20 BFFs.

I’ll admit, I have a lot of peeps in my life, but I genuinely love and feel connected to them all.

Unfortunately, along with these connections come feelings of obligation & expectation, which eventually lead to feelings of failure because I simply can’t be to all these people who I wish I could be.

I would love to be the person who is always there, able to fund every missions trip, never miss a wedding, send gifts for every milestone, always make it to their birthday parties and kid’s graduations, pay for a bill or two if they get behind, help clean up the house, pray for any needs daily, give hours of my day to listen or hang out as often as desired…I think you get my drift…it’s literally impossible to do all of this for everybody.

I desire to do the impossible then when I miss out on something I feel I should’ve done or been a part of, I beat myself up and feel like a bad friend…and sometimes I even avoid or isolate myself from the person, embarrassed of my failure in our friendship.

It’s bad guys, and this is probably totally not a problem normal people deal with, but this is me. I know I’m weird…I know.

Back to the point: Tonight after talking to a few friends —each about something different— I realized, “Every friend has a reason.”

We can’t be everything to everybody, but we can be something to somebody.

My newfound desire is to fulfill my “reason” in every relationship, whether it be a person I talk to everyday (or hour *cough* Nicole) or once every 5th Monday in May (does that ever even happen?! I think it can…like every 2yrs…maybe? Now I’m just making stuff up.)

Point is, lets give what we’re supposed to give and be who we’re supposed to be to every single person who crosses our paths, realizing that we aren’t —and can’t be— their everything, but we can absolutely be their something…even if we’re just that random stranger who made them smile for the first time in days.

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  • Kristin
    April 9, 2015

    Love this post. I’ve lost a couple of friends trying to be everything and when I couldn’t stay for the whole bday party or give, the friendships went a different direction. I’ve learned that I can’t be everything to everyone. It was stressful and time consuming.