How to Conquer Dreams and Muggers

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I listened with anticipation and awe as she shared her dream with me.

I imagined it happening as she explained each idea and possibility with unsure disclaimers, questions, and doubts. Yet she held on to an unquenchable desire fueled with just enough “umph” to keep the dream’s flame flickering.

She had an idea that became a vision, an incomplete vision, but a vision nonetheless.

And so she pressed towards it, afraid…unsure…nervous…excited…and with a lot of missing pieces.

Despite the uncertainties, she had a desire to see this dream through and I, as her friend, assured her of my support and promised I’d be there along the way.

I watched and observed with astonishment and joy. It was as if my first-born child was getting ready to take his first steps.

My friend was going to do it.


My friend was doing it.


My friend did it.

On Saturday, November 15, 2014, she made the dream happen.

And there I found myself, participating in a dream realized. What was once just a conversation at my house became a manifested reality.

What’s absolutely great about this story is that it’s not just the story of one dear friend of mine, but two!

photo 1They simultaneously walked this uncharted path and now their dreams share the same birthday!
Nicole, a former art teacher turned photographer and creative director, planned, organized, and produced her first ever video shoot, with no prior experience.

Niya, a worship leader, recording artist, wife, and mom of 2, planned and put on her first show with a couple of friends at The Black Academy of Arts & Letters.

They had ample excuses not to make their dream happen, but they didn’t use them.

To support my friends on the same day, after they had only weeks and months prior, shared the vision that was merely in their head, made me realize a few things:

  1. My friends are awesome…like really.
  2. Everything starts with a thought. Every manifested thing begins at the exact same place…as a sheer thought. Which means there’s an equal playing field at the start of every dream.
  3. Sometimes you don’t know all the answers or even have all the resources, but as you start moving towards making that dream a reality and sharing it with others, it pushes the dream to life.
  4. Fear and doubt will probably most definitely be present. And so are serial killers and muggers, but that doesn’t keep us from going out and functioning in the world everyday! Weird analogy? Maybe. Listen, the point is, do it anyway.

photo 3I am greatly inspired by these two and I hope they inspire you to push past your excuses and go full-force into fulfilling the dreams God has given you.

We’re all waiting to see it manifest, for your good and His glory.

Have you been sitting on an idea or dream? What have you allowed to hold you back?

As A Fun Bonus:
Here’s a 30sec clip of one of the very special moments during Niya’s show:

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