Get Up & Do It Again

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I love to win. So much so that I’ll make a competition out of pretty much anything. I even compete against myself sometimes.

Loving to win also means that I hate to loose.

But everybody at some point experiences failure, loss, mistakes and misfortune. I have.

And I’ve noticed that after you’ve lost a lot or failed, it’s hard to move forward. It’s hard to get up and try again.

Fear creeps in.

We weaken.

We decide “It’s not worth it.”

We stop fighting; inevitably choosing to loose.

But that is not what the cry of the righteous should be.

We serve the God of victory and triumph.

We are a part of the army that wins. Every. Single. Time. We. Win!

I hope that you’ll watch this video and be encouraged to get up and do it again.

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