Digging for the Truth: Why Do I Believe in a Monotheistic God and Why Do I Profess to be a Christian? Part 1 of ??

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The spark of this potentially long series started on May 11, 2010 all because of Twitter! Lol Yep! Believe it or not, Twitter brought us to this point today. Here’s what I wrote in my journal the day after it all began…

May 12, 2010
So I think I’ve discovered a new burden for the lost, the atheist, or those who just don’t believe in Jesus Christ. This dude on Twitter last night was going back & forth with Ashley (real name changed) about God and the dude said he was an atheist and that Jesus wasn’t real. I was grieved.

Lord I know it’s impossible to convince someone that you’re real. Believing in you requires faith even if there is substantial evidence pointing to the Truth. You didn’t want us to believe in you based on facts; then everyone would believe, easy! Just as sure as we believe the sky is blue and the grass is green, all of humanity would believe in Jesus Christ as Lord.

Anyway, that Twitter convo made me want to know more about You and Your word so I looked up some facts about the Bible. So far I’ve learned that over 40 authors wrote it, over 2,000 years ago; it was written over a span of 1,400-1,800 years; there is archeological evidence confirming the truth of many of the Bible stories including wheels found in the Red Sea where the Israelites are said to have crossed! That’s phenomenal!

I want to learn more so today I ordered the book, “The Case for Christ” on Amazon so that will be my next read! I’m looking forward to learning more about the facts. It really grieves me that people don’t believe in You and don’t even want to give You a chance. Unharden their hearts Lord! People get so offended when you’re brought up. Why is that? You are so loving and faithful, why have you always been misunderstood?


OKAY! So fast-forward to today and I’m still reading “The Case for Christ”
and also another book, “Christ and Culture” (Torchbooks) (which was recommended by my Dad after a heated debate I had with someone).

Neither of the books are easy reads, in fact, “Christ & Culture” is a theology book originally written in the 1940s. This is why I’ll probably be reading them both for quite a while!

Anywho, my main reasons for reading these two books are to #1: Learn more about what I believe in (and why) and #2: To understand its relevance in today’s culture.

Earlier this summer, my mom bought me The Chronological Study Bible I’d been wanting. Yes, it’s the Bible in as close to Chronological order as people have figured out to this day. The dope thing about this Bible is that it’s HUGE on historical references. So not only do you get the Bible, but you get a lot of background into what was going on in the culture of that day; which I’m also getting in this “Christ & Culture” book.

So for the past few days I’ve been discovering the correlation between the Bible and EVERYTHING else taught in school all my life. I would have never thought that the Greek gods had any significance or correlation to the Bible and I would have never thought time periods like “monolithic” and “Bronze-age,” etc., had any relevance to God’s word!

I mean, at least starting in 6th or 7th grade, I was hammered with Xerxes, Zeus, Poseidon, and other Greek gods. And probably since 5th grade or so I’ve began being taught about the Stone Age and Egypt and the beginning of civilization and so forth, but why was I never taught about a monotheistic God or the Bible in school?  Well, let me take that back, we may have discussed the Bible in college, but only as a literary writing, never as a historical piece as we did the Greek gods and such.

So! When I found mention of all these things in a Bible that I have thought boring and trivial since childhood, my interest was immediately peaked.

In the very opening pages of “Christ & Culture” the author mentioned how many religious sectors were birthed out of a rebellion. Jesus’ ways and teachings were so against the culture’s customs, rituals and historical ways that they refused to follow Him and instead, adapted their own way of life and beliefs! Sounds a bit like us today huh? Lol

But even before Jesus came to Earth, we see this same pattern with man. An attempt to rationalize it’s own existence, an attempt to make sense of that which we can’t comprehend, and a desire to be it’s own god, is found all throughout man’s history! These themes are on both the Biblical side of history and the anti-Biblical side! It’s amazing how much correlation there is between the two sides.

So just as an introductory, I’m gonna share a few things I’ve discovered so far. I’m not going to go as deep as I’ve gone yet, but I’m gonna get your appetite wet

Greek and Roman gods were created and given attributes by man to describe and make sense of the unexplainable and uncontrollable things that man experienced, such as the sun, moon, stars, water, storms, and yes, even love! From the onset of creation, we as humans understood that we didn’t have the ultimate control over the Earth! We knew from the start that we were limited beings and so, to make sense of things, we decided that something “bigger” then us was in charge of all the things we couldn’t control. This is why there is a separate god for each unexplainable thing!

The Canaanites and those residing in Mesopotamia are considered among some of the first inhabitants of the Earth and this is where the roots of these Greek gods are found.

The author of Genesis (typically considered to be Moses) makes the case that there is only one creator, one God and that that God is on a level far above an human level. This author states that the sun and moon should not be confused as being “a god,” but that they are merely creations of the Creator (Genesis 1:16)!

Sooo I’m gonna stop here for now. This stuff is pretty interesting, huh? Next we’ll get into comparing some of the stories regarding the creation of humans as well as the “Great Flood” that took us all out (which also serves as a monumental marker in history according to both monotheists and polytheists! Ahh! The journey to enlightenment begins!

Today in my personal study, I actually made it into some modern-day cultural relevancies and found some eerie correlations within some of today’s popular music artists…many of whom I admittedly, bump on the regular.

No, I’m not getting on any Illuminati talk! I’m talking straight history, Bible, and Jesus sooo stick around my peeps! This is gonna be a deep, but great lil series!

Here are links to purchase all the books mentioned if you’re interested:

  • Shandra
    November 30, 2010


    This is awesome. Thank you for resources.

  • Brittanie
    November 25, 2010

    This is awesome Cousin. You always leave me so inspired and wanting more of Jesus. One of the reasons why I love you!

  • ProVerbs
    November 25, 2010

    I actually have the case for Christ Book and DVD…Good stuff but it simply wets your appetite and kind of pushes you to dig deeper. You got some great stuff here sis…I’m so interested in what this series will bring…