Day 2: Walking Shoes

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Driving home from church tonight, I asked the Lord, “where do you want me to go? Where is the person I’m supposed to share your love with today?”

About 30secs after that prayer, I literally almost ran a guy over…like legit, we both dodged. I looked back in my rearview mirror, “Is that them Jesus? But it’s a guy and I’m a girl and it’s night…Ok. I’ll just do a drive by and look to make sure he’s not crazy.”

Thankfully, he walked into the parking lot of a well-lit gas station on a busy street. I rolled up on him, “Hey! You alright?” “Yeah, I’m good, I’m walking home.” He clearly didn’t want to be bothered and never stopped walking.

As I watched him cross the street, I parked at the gas station and thought, “I guess that wasn’t him. He didn’t even want to talk to me. Where is the person?”

At this point, the guy walks past my car, I let the window down and yelled, “Hey! You hungry?” “No, I’m good. I’m just going in here to get a water,” he said. “Can I hook you up?” I asked. “Sure.”

In the store I learn a bit of his story. Zack is 19 and homeless. I buy us a couple drinks, give him the $6 change from our purchase and we walk outside to a man asking for money. I watched Zach trade this man $2 for $5 of what I’d just given him. The man and Zack said thank you to me, and each other, and were walking away when I stopped them.

“Hey! Before ya’ll go can I do one more thing for you?” They both said, “Sure.”
“I want to pray for you. I believe God sent me here today specifically for you. I mean I literally almost ran Zack over!”

They agreed to pray. “What’s your name sir?”
“Nice to meet you Jason, I’m Kandis.”
We get together to pray. Jason looks down at Zack’s feet.

Jason: “Did you find those shoes on some steps?”
Zack: “Yes.”
Jason: “The steps over on such and such?”
Zack: “Yes, I found them today.”

I wasn’t sure if a fight was about to pop off or what. I looked at Jason’s face and he was completely amazed.

Jason: “I left those shoes there yesterday to give to someone cause a lady bought me a new pair of shoes. I can’t believe I’m meeting the person who found the shoes! This must be God. I know this is God!”

And just like that it was all sealed. God had absolutely sent all three of us to this exact spot at this exact moment. I prayed for Jason and Zach; for protection and provision and that they would know that they are God’s sons and that He loves them deeply and sees them.

We hugged goodbye and said our thank yous and hope to see you agains.

As I drove home I thought, “Wow! We have to all feel seen and heard tonight, I’m sure of it.”

It’s amazing how I gave to Zack then Zack gave to Jason, not knowing that the very shoes on his feet were ones that Jason left for “somebody, anybody” just the day before.

Three people who had never met before, all encountered God in an incredibly, specific and special way tonight. How amazing is that? Our God is absolutely THE best! #KDTurns30 #GodVentures

  • Lance Hardin
    June 10, 2015

    This is absolutely amazing! I love it!

  • Ruth
    June 10, 2015

    That’s so legit! On the lookout for what God would want me to do as well!