Day 1: First Things First

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I woke up this morning pumped about the day because I knew something special was going to happen because after all, it’s day one of this #Godventures bit!
I got dressed & did my “I gotta keep moving” prayer routine…you know, the one where you pray as you go.
Got to work. It was a usual day. Hmm? Perhaps something is waiting for me in the streets! After work, got gas. Nothing. Sat for a minute in prayer asking if anything is going to happen or if I should go anywhere. Sat some more. Nothing. “But God, we’re supposed to be on adventures together for the next 30 days! Today was no adventure!” Feeling defeated and let down, I decided to head home.
As I drove home, God said these simple words, “Every adventure begins with Me.” Yep! It was then I realized I was one day in and my focus was already off. May we not be so caught up in agendas, adventures, personal gain, and great stories, that we miss the One orchestrating them all. God first and glory to Him alone. Forever and always. Day 1 of 30.  

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