Darlene Zschech, Cancer, and You.

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1505048_10100139720281641_1433475201_nI literally yelled “NOOO!!” when I read the headline “Darlene Zschech Diagnosed with Breast Cancer.”

I’ve heard of her and known of her music for years, but never really took the time to listen to any of her albums until a couple months ago.

Back in April, we had Darlene on Daystar as a guest, which later prompted me to get her “Revealing Jesus” CD. It has been such a blessing to my life.

I’ve thought about her almost everyday for the past two or three weeks because she’s one of the guests being highlighted in a special I’m currently working on for work. Not to mention, I’ve been listening to her Revealing Jesus CD for a little over two months now.

On the show, back in April, she shared about one song in particular that was stirred in her heart because of a friend’s bout with cancer. It’s called “In Jesus’ Name.” At the end of the song, she declares the truth of God’s word over everyone who is battling sickness and even declares, “I hate cancer!”

“God is fighting for us, pushing back the darkness, lighting up the kingdom, that cannot be shaken. In the name of Jesus enemies defeated…I will live, I will not die, the resurrection power of Christ, alive in me and I am free in Jesus’ name…Christ revealed and I am healed in Jesus’ name!”

These lyrics take on a new dimension in light of her current circumstance. Wow.

Then to read her post announcing it (check it out here)…It’s amazing the strength we find when we rest in Jesus and the finished work of the Cross. It is a power beyond us that sustains us, no doubt.

So with ALL this in mind, tonight I’m praying for her and for others dealing with sickness and disease as we enter this new year. I’m praying for my friends who have lost loved ones this holiday season. I’m praying for the groom in Atlanta who lost his bride in a car accident just hours after they left their wedding reception today. I’m praying for families, for everyone in pain, suffering, or who have experienced loss or lack at the end of this year.

Tomorrow, many of us will be celebrating a fresh start, the start of a new year, but not everyone will feel excited about the start of a new year. Some will feel like the heaviness of 2013 is carrying over into 2014 and for those, I pray comfort, peace, strength, and rest. I pray there is an abundance of God’s joy in spite of your current circumstance.

May the Holy Spirit give exactly what you need. Remember, it is finished. We overcome in Jesus’ name.

If this post speaks to you, post a comment, email, fb/twitter message, or text me and I’ll include your need as I pray.


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