Christian Politickin’

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“Bible-believing Christians have not achieved much in politics because they have not devoted themselves to the larger arena of cultural conflict. Politics mostly follows culture rather than leading it…A temporary victory in the voting booth does not reverse a downward moral trend driven by cultural gatekeepers in news media, entertainment, art, and education. Politics is not a cure-all.” -Theologian, Vern Poythress

Many Christians are quick to fight and argue over which candidate is the “best” choice for Christians. Some argue Republican because of the canidates’ positions on moral issues such as abortion and gay marriage. Others say Democratic because of their economic positions such as higher taxes for the upper class, lower for the middle and poor. Some choose independent because it’s seemingly the “best of both.”

Whatever the case, I find Poythress’ point to be interestingly true. Politics does usually follow the flow of the culture rather than leading it and many Christians attempt to “fight the good fight” with political stances.

I believe in voting, but I also believe in impacting the culture with the message of Jesus Christ. Is politics the best arena to accomplish this great impact? I’d dare to say no. We’ve had recent republican and democratic presidents, yet the moral decay of our country has not improved. I’d even dare to say that if or when it does improve, it definitely won’t be of much thanks to politics.

“Christianity in America is not challenging the ‘habits of the heart’ and ‘habits of the mind’ that dominate American culture.” -Richard John Neuhaus

I agree with Tullian Tchividjian who says “what happens in New York (finance), Hollywood (entertainment), Silicon Valley (technology), and Miami (fashion), has a far greater impact on how our culture thinks about reality than what happens in Washington D.C. (politics).”

What do you think?


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