Can’t Sleep!!!

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Dudes!! Music is like Crack! No Lie…I was laying in my bed at 11pm trying to force myself to sleep because I start summer school in the morning. So, I’m laying in the bed finishing up “Last Holiday” (w/ Queen L.) and my stomach got a few bubbles because I, like an idiot, decided to eat a bowl of ice cream around 10:45pm. So I sit up frustrated that I can’t lay comfortably and decide to get on myspace.

I get on myspace only to discover that Kierra has put up some new music…and here I sit 2 hrs later, unable to sleep, listening to every new joint for about the 15th time now. Not only am I listening to the music, but my mind is going on and on at like a zillion thoughts per minute thinkin’ bout my birthday concert/party, my future career, my summer plans…all kinds of things music related of course.

The other night I was trying to sleep but couldn’t and got a whole vision about how all my interests, skills, gifts and passions are gonna come together…it’s gone be CRAZY, just wait, you’ll see…I just gotta get outta freakin’ college!

It’s cool, I’m gonna get through this period of preparation and hopefully propel to what God has MOST DEFINITELY passioned (if that’s a word) and destined me to do…change lives through promotions…Linkin’ the people to THE power through music and flashy lights and stuff ;) Lol…which btw, did you check out my “Yes!!” blog?…Anyway, I’m not gonna bore you all any longer with my thoughts, I’ll go write in my journal about it.


P.S. Always live for what you love and in turn you’ll love that you live (just made that up, dunno, it’s kind-a clever right? maybe not? OK)

P.P.S It’s 1:25am…alarm clock will be sounding in approx. 5hrs, I MUST be on DRUGS!!…It’s that CRACK MUSIC

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