My Most Significant Speaking Engagement Ever! Plus a Brief History on the Bishop 5 Plus 1 Revival

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In two weeks I will be speaking at what will possibly be one of the most memorable and significant events of my life.

Here’s the abbreviated back-story:

Back in the day my Dad left his hometown of Champaign/Urbana, IL to move to Dallas to attend Bishop College. Young people came from all over the country to attend this college, which was known for producing some of the nation’s best African-American preachers.

Life would have it that my dad would become roommates with a young man by the name of Kerry Wesley, and the next year, a young man, named Jeffery Johnson.

My father became President of the Ministers organization on campus, which led him to establish life-long friendships with some peeps that have turned out to be quite great.

In 1988, Bishop College closed down and in 1990, Paul Quinn College relocated from Waco, TX to Dallas, making the old Bishop College campus it’s new home.

A good number of Bishop alumni became well-known preachers (many of them are now pastors of what’s considered “megachurches“) and so the idea was birthed, at some point in the 90s, to host an annual revival called the “Bishop 5 Plus 1 Revival.”

At this revival, five Bishop Alumni (Pastor Ralph West, Pastor Jeffrey Johnson, Pastor Denny Davis, Pastor Frederick Haynes, and Pastor Kerry Wesley) would preach each night, and every year a “Plus 1” would be added to the lineup. To date, the revival has raised over $1 million for Paul Quinn College.

In 2006, the president of Georgetown College in Georgetown, KY proposed a plan to resurrect Bishop College by adopting it as their alma mater. Georgetown offers scholarships to children or grandchildren of Bishop alumni and to students who are members of a Bishop alumni’s church or students nominated by Bishop alumni. Upon graduation, these students receive diplomas with the name and insignia of Bishop College.

Here’s the significance:

For over 20 years these Pastors have been friends and have held this revival. This year, the Bishop 5 decided to have their biological children who are in the ministry, share before them on their designated night. For those who don’t have biological children who speak or preach, they are having a spiritual son or daughter preach before them on their night.

I will be speaking on my dad’s night!

See how major this is?! Lol

The other cool connection in this whole story is that my brother found out today that he has officially met all of his requirements for graduation and he’ll receive his degree in December from none other than Georgetown College as a Bishop Scholar! So his diploma will carry the Bishop College name just like our father’s! The other significance is that many Bishop College Alumni sent their kid’s to attend Georgetown and now their children have formed friendships.

What was the point of me telling you all of this?

I don’t know. I guess I just wanted to share the significance of this opportunity. I think it’s pretty neat to see such a legacy continue to live. It’s a cool story full of rich history about a school that has produced a whole lot of fruit.

And the fruit continues to grow.

If you’re in the Dallas area, feel free to come out to any of the 6 nights! The schedule and info is posted below:

  • mpwatkins
    October 26, 2012

    That is a very rich legacy and quite an honor for you. I wish I could be there to share it with you. Many blessings to you on that night and in the future, Kandis, as you continue to do move as the Lord leads.

    • Mellie
      July 18, 2016

      The forum is a brtheigr place thanks to your posts. Thanks!