An Interview with Dr. Eugene Wilson Plus #70BookGiveaway Winners Announced!

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I am excited to announce the winners of the “Everyone Needs A Team And Everyone Needs This Book” Giveaway aka the ENATAENTB Giveaway aka the #70BookGiveaway! How many names does one contest need?

If you don’t know what’s going on here, head over to the “Everyone Needs A Team & Everyone Needs This Book GIVEAWAY!”?” post to get caught up!

To those who won

I’ll be emailing you, or you if you want, you can beat me to the punch by emailing your name and mailing address to ‘’

Congrats to our winners!!

And a BIG thank you…

to Dr. Eugene Wilson for joining in on the fun and sharing his wisdom with us!


And I feel it appropriate to once again add the following disclaimer as it relates to this “run and gun” video you’re gonna watch here:

Disclaimer: Yes I work in television. Yes I realize I did some “janky” editing on this. Yes I realize this is a low-light situation. Yes, I know, having the flash on my camera was not a great way to compensate for the low light…I know, I know, I know…So basically I’m asking my fellow creatives/producers/editor friends to not judge me by the content of this video, but by the character of it’s content…that last sentence makes little to no sense. I’ll end this here.

  • ruth jeremiah
    October 29, 2015

    I enjoyed this interview so much so that I think I’ll purchase this book. I know I need to fine tune leadership skills and this may be the first step in moving in that direction! Thanks Kandis and Dr. Eugene!

    • Eugene
      October 29, 2015

      Thank you, Ruth. I hope you like it. I am presenting working on a manuscript specifically for Christian leaders in the marketplace. However, although Seventy was written for church leaders, it is applicable for leaders in various sectors of leadership.

      Eugene Wilson