4th of Ju-Why? – What My Car Taught Me About America

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Disclaimer: I wrote this super fast, please don’t judge the content by my grammar.

Back when I was ballin’ on my parent’s budget, I used to get my car washed every week. My dad and grandfather have always taught my siblings and me to take care of our cars, keep them clean so our paint jobs don’t get destroyed and so our rides will look nice. I got to the point where my life just didn’t feel right if my car was dirty.

Fast forward some years and now MY money pays for these once-upon-a-time, weekly car washes. Nowadays, it’s more like once-a-month washings.

This past Sunday, I decided to go get my car washed with a coupon my mom gave me. I drove up ready. I ordered my free wash and paid the $4 difference to get my mats washed. My car was in for a real treat this month! The car came out beautiful, white as Michael Jackson!

What? I’m kidding people. For real though, my car almost felt like new when they were done with it.

So for the past 3 days I’ve driven around happy in my clean car, anticipating this weekend when I’ll finally have passengers to enjoy the clear views out of every window and the clean panoramic roof that I often keep the shade closed on so I don’t remember how dirty my car actually is.

All of this enjoyment and anticipation came to a halt in an instance last night and just as soon as the happy feelings left, anger and frustration moved in with a vengeance.

What made me so angry? Someone in the big white pickup truck in front of me decided to throw a brown-colored liquid from their car window as they were making a right turn and just as I was approaching to pass in the lane beside them. The mysterious brown liquid splattered all across my windshield, side window and roof of my car. Now, I’m quite confident they weren’t being malicious. They probably didn’t even see me, but you would’ve thought somebody had called my mother out of her name, the feelings I felt after I realized what happened (at first I thought it was a massive bird poop attack…yeah, at 10pm, I know).

Anyway, as I continued driving, I asked the Lord “Why did that have to happen? What do you want me to learn from this? I know I shouldn’t be this attached to material things. Is that the lesson? I’m not even attached to this car, I’m just frustrated that it’s dirty now.” After this rant of frustrated questions (and no listening) continued, I realized I was still frustrated. So I finally quieted myself and then the Lord began to speak to me and I want to share it with you, my faithful few readers.

Today marks the day our nation was formed, 237 years ago. I’m quite certain 237 years ago our founding fathers did not hope, envision, or expect America to become what it is today. Well, maybe it’s part what they hoped and part what they never imagined.

There are both good and bad things about our nation. The good? We’re a nation of free citizens with personal rights, religious liberties, and freedom of speech. We’re one of the most independent countries, we use our resources to produce more goods than most countries; we lead in many areas of business and technology. We’re rich (compared to the world, even in our massive debt). The list can go on.

Now, for the bad, I probably don’t have to go deep here. I could pass a microphone around and collect all the right answers for this one, but I’ll sum our problem up in one statement:

Our Nation is turning away from God.

We’re fighting for rights that were never meant to be rights; legalizing things that were never supposed to be legalized; we’re accepting things as “normal,” that were never meant to be acceptable.

Point blank, we’re marrying gay people, aborting babies, and removing the acknowledgement of God from places where He’s always been recognized.

Now there are definitely other ills in our nation aside from those three, but I will move past the rant of problems and offer some hope and solutions.

As I was driving last night, the Lord told me that my clean window represented the beginnings of our nation and my dirty window represented our nation today. The interesting thing is that when I tried to use my window cleaner to lightly spray and wipe the dirt off of my front window, my window didn’t come clean. My window actually got worse and the mess smeared!

The mess got messier because my cleaning method was quick and not thorough. In order to get the mess off of my car and my windows, I needed to stop driving, get out of my car and get a bucket of soap and a water hose. I needed to stop somewhere and put my car through a full car wash. I needed something more serious than the few squirts of my windshield cleaner I tried to apply while I kept driving.

Before I go further, I want to share something that may help you understand where we are as a nation a bit better. Somebody may say, “Well if our nation is so bad off, how come we’re still prospering and we haven’t been destroyed? If God were really upset at all of what’s happening here, wouldn’t He destroy us like He did nations of rebellious people in the Bible?”

Great question.

Let’s talk about the Principle of Abundance and Oppression, Priscilla Shirer so beautifully breaks down in her Gideon Bible Study. I won’t go through the entire story of Gideon here so I suggest you read it in Judges 6-8. Here’s the point:

Gideon had an abundance of wheat at a time where the Israelites were worshipping false Gods and being oppressed by the Midianites. The Israelites were in a bad situation, so bad, that Gideon asks the angel of the Lord that appeared to him, “If God is with us, why is all this bad stuff happening to us?” What’s interesting is that in the midst of the madness the Israelites were dealing with, there was still a provision of wheat. So what’s the point?

Oppression and abundance can co-exist. As Priscilla put it,

“God’s loyalty does not equal God’s approval.”

God’s faithfulness, His provision, His mercy and grace; “these gifts are not designed to lull us into spiritual apathy or lighten the weight of our offenses. [God] intends to woo us, graciously, kindly, lavishly—back into intimate fellowship with Himself.”

Notice how there’s oppression and fear during the provision in Gideon’s story. America has for so long experienced the provision of God. Since I’ve been alive, there’s only been one national shaking, 9/11. People in my generation and younger don’t really know what it’s like to live in fear or dismay. We haven’t experienced anything really unnerving in our nation. We feel secure, stable and safe in the provision of this land. But I believe we are at the beginning of a shaking. We are at the cusp of experiencing some really serious consequences as a nation. The further we go from God, the crazier this nation will become.

I’m not saying all this to invoke fear, but to say, we who know the truth, have a very serious and important role to play. God has opened our eyes to His truth and His ways for a reason.

Our nation doesn’t need a windshield wipe down. Wiping or glancing over issues and not stopping to seriously address them will only smear our nation’s problems. Christians need to stop, realize what’s happening in our nation, and DO something about it.

Not sure what to do?

Ultimately, God can give you the best direction, but here are three things that came to mind as I was driving tonight:

1) Pray

Pray for our nation, our nation’s leaders, our local congressmen and women. Pray that your heart would line up with God’s. That what He sees and feels for our nation, that you would feel and see the same; that you would see the world through the heart and lens of God.

2) Watch Marcus & Joni’s 4th of July Special with David Barton on Daystar

This special is airing 3 times tomorrow, July 4th on Daystar at 11am, 8pm and 12a (midnite) CST. If you can’t catch it as it airs, DVR it. If you can’t DVR it, watch it from your cell phone, computer or tablet while you’re out. You can watch it at those same three times at www.daystar.com. I’d challenge you to have your family watch it with you too.

3) Donate/Support INVADE.

Some of you may have heard about the event my sister and I are putting together. We have a passion and desire to connect our generation with their Creator. We have a desire to turn this nation back to God through the reformation of younger generations. (I could write an entire blog on this. Maybe one day). You can learn more about it at www.invadenow.com and you can partner with us by going to www.invadenow.com/partner

This is probably the longest post I’ve written in a long time and I still have so much I can say, but I’ll stop it all here. We can further discuss in the comment section below or on my facebook page, or via email (me@kandisdavis.com).

Let’s end our time together in prayer:

Lord, your word says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 to give thanks in every circumstance, so Lord, first we start by saying “Thank You.” Thank you for our country that is unlike any other nation in this world. Thank you that you chose to put us here. We could have been placed in any of the 200+ other countries on this earth, but you decided that we belonged here. You, in your sovereignty, decided that you wanted to use us in this nation.

So God, I pray that you would give us a heart of our nation, a heart for the younger generations, a heart that is like yours. May the things that break your heart, break ours. Thank you that you’re stirring up a passion in us to be your voice, your hands, your feet. Thank you that you have chosen us to be a part of the powerful solution that you have for our nation and every individual living here.

Thank you that the institution of family will be restored to what you originally intended. Thank you that divorce rates will decrease, single-parent homes will decrease, more children will be raised with fathers and father figures, men will be restored to their pre-destined place as leaders.

Thank you that lives will be saved. That abortion rates will drop. That these babies which were once headed to death, will be raised to bring life on this earth. They will be testaments to your faithfulness, change-agents in our nation, and voices for the voiceless.

Thank you that the heart of our nation’s president, vice president, and other political officers, are in your hand and you can turn them anyway you can. I pray that You will be exalted in our nation, that Your power would shine in every level of government, in schools, in communities and in our homes.

Thank you that you are God, Your position will never fade, Your term will never run out and You’ll never leave us. Thank You that You have equipped us for the tasks at hand. Our hearts are being stirred and our actions will follow because we are devoted to You. We are already victorious in our battles and we have Your protection, wisdom, and guidance to show us the way. You are before us, behind us, beside us and within us.

So we go forward bold, victorious warriors with a heart of compassion for our families, our communities, our schools, our churches, our cities, our states and our nation.

May your kingdom come, on earth, in America, as it is in Heaven.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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